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Our Mission

The mission of the Billings Public Library Foundation is to raise vital funds to provide a margin of excellence for the Billings Public Library.

The Billings Public Library Foundation was established in 1988 by a group of farsighted citizens who understood that a great library would not be possible through public funding alone. The Foundation has worked closely with the Library to ensure that private funds through our endowment, are used to enhance Library resources, programs, and services, not to replace the public's responsibility of funding a strong Library. The work remains the same today as public funding becomes even more limited and needs for our citizens increase.

Through the Foundation's efforts and fundraising, our Library today remains accessible, providing current materials and is adapting to the continual technology changes. Every day, our Library connects an increasing number of people with essential services and valuable information.

The foundation's objectives are to provide, enhance and enrich the programs and services of the Billings Public Library to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

2015 Food for Thought

2015 Food for Thought Table Hosts and their topics are now available for your review. Please go here for more information. Do not miss this wonderful event — sign up today!

Annual Distribution

dist2014 The mission of the Billings Public Library Foundation is to provide the critical private funds to support the Billings Public Library. Understanding that each of us, through public dollars, help maintain the daily needs of a busy library, it is through private contributions that real differences are made. It is through your generous donations that offers the vital enhancements and enrichments that makes our library great. This past month, on behave of the Library Foundation, board president Kathy Cross presented the Foundation's annual distribution to Bill Cochran, Library Director. Alongside Bill is Mary Murphrey, Library Business Manager. Thanks to you, we can continue keeping our library a dynamic community gathering center, making a difference in the lives of thousands each day. Your support is deeply appreciated!

Please support our new Library!

The new library is open and serving the public. With your support, we will be able to continue to enrich our beautiful building with advanced technology, expanded children's features, and other enhancements.Please consider a gift to the new Billings Public Library.

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