What We Do

It is only through your financial contributions that the Foundation is able to continue our mission. Each year the Foundation makes a monetary distribution from our endowment to the Library. The funds are used to provide for services, programs, or technology which otherwise would not be available.


Through your private gifts…

                 Since 1988, when Royal Johnson and other visionaries began the Library Foundation, our mission has remained constant: to raise private funds to meet the needs and changes of our every evolving community library.

                 Your investment has enriched our library and, in turn, helped shape the lives of the people in Yellowstone County. From raising money for the purchase of the first Senior Outreach van - which provides books and materials to our senior population - to successfully raising over $5,000,000 to offset costs for the construction of the new Billings Public Library, the Library Foundation is dedicated to providing the margin of excellence for the Billings Public Library. Other recent gifts your funding has provided is the TECH Lab, READ to the Dog, Artist Table collection, author readings, additional children books and landscaping.

                 Your gift is an investment in the future of our Billings community.  



       If you are interested in more information about any of these projects, please contact Leslie Modrow at 406-237-6149.