5 Reasons Why David Baldacci Makes Our Spines Tingle


We could easily come up with 101 reasons, but here are my top five:


  1. Mind-Blowing Plot Twists

So you like thrillers with down-on-their-luck whisky drinking private investigators. You love digging into the dark underbellies of gleaming cities. Where, sometimes, the obvious answer is not always the truth.  Go no further because you are a true David Baldacci fan.  One of his most popular books, Absolute Power is about a murder, the President of the United States, and a cover-up.   Do I need to say more?

  1. Irresistible Characters
    We all love our heroes and the triumph of good over evil. Baldacci has created characters that we can relate to or at least empathize and as he explains, “Creating memorable characters are key. Amos Decker is one of my best characters ever because he's so unusual. And I remember getting a lot of emails from people after the book came out. Love Memory Man, but boy, that Amos Decker is annoying as hell. You know, I can't take my eyes off him on the page, but boy, I'd like to kick him in the ass a couple of times, too.”
  2. Thrilling Lives We’d Die For (well almost)
    Baldacci has his characters living amazing lives, wouldn’t it be interesting to be a character stand in for a couple of days? Baldacci character Will Robbie is a great example of living a life in the fast lane. In The Innocent, Robbie, a stone-cold hitman, also has a moral compass that puts him on a harrowing flight to not only save his life but a runaway teenager. Baldacci says he enjoys creating scenarios about the people he sees in restaurants, on street corners or in waiting rooms and then imagining, what if?


  1. Learning something too!

Baldacci is famous for his research, be it historical, science, or military detail.  He backs up his fiction with facts and it’s not unusual for him to spend months going to actual locations, reading about historic figures, or handling a particular weapon.  According to Baldacci, ““Research builds an atmosphere and a sense of wonder.”


  1. As Cara Schaer, an avid Baldacci fan, raves, “His books are captivating, non-stop action, woven with a masterful mix of suspense, intrigue and surprise that promises to keep the reader totally engaged till the last page is turned and the last word read.”


But don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself!


Join the Billings Public Library Foundation for a conversation with David Baldacci on Saturday, Oct 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Go to www.billingslibraryfoundation.org for details.