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Libraries provide access to information as well as offer the opportunity to IMAGINE the possibilities and inspire a change. 

       Royal Johnson - the man who inspired us! Royal Johnson (5/2/1925 - 11/19/2018) was a community force in Billings since he moved here

from Butte over 50 years ago. He dedicated his life to making our city and our state a better place to live - raising a family, starting a business

and enjoying our Rocky Mountain culture.


"The Library Foundation has been fortunate to have early and consistent financial guidance from one of the

Deans of Montana Finance - Royal Johnson"    - Gary Buchanan  


                 "We commend Royal Johnson's community spirit and generous contributions of time, energy and money  to our city, county and state ...

a longtime champion of good government, higher education and community betterment."  - Billings Gazette Editorial Board


2019 Royal Johnson Forum -
Russia: Beyond the Riddle Inside the Enigma


 2021-2022 Royal Johnson Forum theme and date TBA


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                                               Previous Royal Johnson Forum Speakers - 
           Retired WY Senator Alan Simpson and PBS NewsHour Anchor Judy Woodruff