Senator Tester and the Billings Public Library - Congressional Records


Mr. President, today I wish to recognize the Billings Public Library for promoting a center of reading and learning for folks in Montana.
The Billings Public Library was established in 1901 and was named for Parmly Billings, the only member of the founding Billings family to reside in the city. More than 100 years later, the 200,000-volume library has grown and expanded, entrenching itself deeply in the fabric of the Billings community. It has grown from one location to two and now has two mobile components to increase the number of people with access to the library's resources.
The Billings Public Library as an institution has also been tirelessly dedicated to Montana historical preservation through its ``Montana Collection,'' which has collected historical information about Montana since 1902.
Beyond providing families in Billings with access to information through books and computers, the Billings Public Library has provided residents with the opportunity to make their voice heard and participate in countless townhall meetings and listening sessions, including many on topics ranging from the future of our public lands to
the quality of care at the VA.
The library will celebrate its 116th anniversary in August 2017, making it one of Montana's oldest and most cherished learning spaces. The Billings Public Library has had a profound impact on the city of  Billings and is a true example of fine service to the Montana people.