June 15th 2021
By Stella Fong, President of the Library Foundation Board, 2006   A community can bring thoughts to a table, but it takes one good thought to bring a community together. Food for Thought came to be with an idea from Library Foundation board member Norma Buchanan. This evening of great conversation that began as a friend raiser has in fifteen years become the Billings Public Library Foundation’s annual fund raiser and popular communi
April 7th 2021
by Brent Cromley      We all know that reading can be a magical experience.  Instantly, we can be whisked away to experience foreign lands, past or future times, or fascinating intrigue.  But merely walking into a library can also seem to be entering into a magical space. Similar to the experience of seeing the unexpected and unexplained at a magic
March 11th 2021
by Danell Jones - Food for Thought attendee, Food for Thought Table Host and friend and supporter of the Billings Public Library Foundation This could be a disaster, we thought. And did it anyway. Anyone who has attended Food for Thought knows the feeling. As you step into the bustling lobby of the Billings Public Library, you see people s
February 21st 2021
A remark that Will Bruder, the architect of the Billings Public Library, shared that still stays with me was, “Libraries are the community’s living room”.  The Billings Public Library Foundation has taken that thought to the next level. Shortly after the opening of the library in February 2014, special guests ranged from noted author Neil Gaiman to award-winning children’s author Michael Ber
February 10th 2021
On January 31, 2014, 6:30pm, the “Celebration of the Century” took place with the Grand Opening of the new Billings Public Library.  The temperature was frigid that night, but it didn’t chill the high spirits of the guests attending the event! What a contrast to the scorching 100-degree temperature that blanketed the 300 community residents who attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony on June 28, 2
February 4th 2021
The mission of the Billings Public Library Foundation is to raise vital funds to provide a margin of excellence for the Billings Public Library.   When I joined the Billings Library Foundation, I really did not understand what that meant.  In a matter of a few years, it was clear.  As President in 2010, I was charged with the task of engaging the Foundation in the effort of building a new library.  A new buildin
January 26th 2021
Every Great Library Needs a Solid Foundation Wow!  2020 was a year with more plot turns and cliffhangers than a David Baldacci novel. More people than ever were falling through the cracks and looking for connections. As scary as the year was, there were many heartwarming parts too.  Witnessing the care, concern and the amazing generosity of our community truly ha
October 1st 2020
  We could easily come up with 101 reasons, but here are my top five:   Mind-Blowing Plot Twists So you like thrillers with down-on-their-luck whisky drinking private investigators. You love digging into the dark underbellies of gleaming cities. Where, sometimes, the obvious answ
March 11th 2019
March 7th 2019
Councils threaten libraries with closure and then rely on volunteers to keep them open. But professional librarians are the key to a healthy library When I was little I loved everything about public libraries. The echoey floor, the ever so faintly dusty air, the ritual and rhythm of book stamping. We had plenty of books at home, but home books all came to me through my parents.