March 11th 2019
March 7th 2019
Councils threaten libraries with closure and then rely on volunteers to keep them open. But professional librarians are the key to a healthy library When I was little I loved everything about public libraries. The echoey floor, the ever so faintly dusty air, the ritual and rhythm of book stamping. We had plenty of books at home, but home books all came to me through my parents.
March 6th 2019
A visual exploration of how a critical piece of social infrastructure came to be.This month, CityLab’s visual storyteller Ariel Aberg-Riger shares the story of how America’s public libraries came to be, and their uneven history of serving all who need them.Click h
January 18th 2019
Billings’ new library is five years old this month. If that fact is surprising, the statistics on how our new library is being used are amazing: More than 1.8 million people have walked through the automatic doors at the library’s north and south entrances since January 2014. The door count in 2018 alone was 382,347 peop
October 18th 2018
Two great champions of reading for pleasure return to remind us that it really is an important thing to do – and that libraries create literate citizens
October 17th 2018
Growing Up in the Library Learning and relearning what it means to have a book on borrowed time. By Susan Orlean  
September 10th 2018
This crucial institution is being neglected just when we need it the most.Is the public library obsolete? A lot of powerful forces in society seem to think so. In recent years, declines in the circulation of bound books in some parts of the country have led prominent critics to argue that libraries are no longer serving their historical function. Countless elected officials insist that in the 21st century &m
December 28th 2017
Thank You! Billings Library Volunteers and Donors Rock! Every day over 1,300 people enjoy the Billings Public Library, benefiting from the numerous resources the library provides. From parents bringing in children for a reading program, to a person in search of a job utilizing the computer lab to apply online, our community is able to visit the library for a variety of reasons, thanks to the financial investment of both the public and the private sectors.
July 14th 2017
RECOGNIZING THE BILLINGS PUBLIC LIBRARYMr. President, today I wish to recognize the Billings Public Library for promoting a center of reading and learning for folks in Montana.The Billings Public Library was established in 1901 and was named for Parmly Billings, the only member of the founding Billings family to reside in the city. More than 100 years later, the 200,000-volume library has gr
April 6th 2017
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