Yes! I want to contribute to the Billings Public Library Foundation. In doing so, I am helping to support critical needs of the Billings Public Library.

With over 1200 people visiting our Library every day, your financial contributions to the Billings Public Library Foundation are critical to sustaining the important needs of our library. As the busiest public library in Montana, your donation makes the difference in allowing the library to provide not just books but a spring board to the world of learning and literacy for life.




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Mail - download and print this donation form to send us a check

Stock Transfer - The Billings Public Library Foundation provides a form letter to assist the donor instructing his/her broker to transfer securities as a donation to the Billings Public Library Foundation. To ensure that the donor receives a proper tax credit for his/her gift, donor is asked to provide Billings Public Library Foundation with a copy of this letter by mail, including the name and telephone number of the donor's broker.

Montana Tax Credit - The Billings Public Library Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and a planned gift to the Foundation can qualify for a Montana Tax Credit. For more information about this tax credit, please talk your professional tax preparer or contact Leslie Modrow, Development Director - Billings Public Library Foundation 237-6149.

Make a Planned Gift - Consider making a lasting gift by including the Library Foundation in your estate plans. More Information


The Billings Public Library Foundation is committed to long-term relationships with our donors and ensuring their information is handled with care and confidentiality. We are dedicated to respecting the privacy rights of our donors and library supporters.